• How to Adjust to College Life

    Freshman year is often a challenging year for students.  Has the adjustment to college life been challenging, or even overwhelming for you? Have you thought about getting help to adjust to college life? Why Freshmen Often Get Into Trouble As you get used to college, you must adapt quickly to an entirely new environment while… [Continue Reading]

    How to Adjust to College Life
  • Help Your Child Adjust to College

    Freshman year is a challenging year for students. Students must adapt quickly to an entirely new environment while juggling academic requirements, social pressures, and the difficulties of being independent for the first time. It can be tough for a student to adjust to college, and normal for a new freshman to experience culture shock. Most… [Continue Reading]

    Help Your Child Adjust to College
  • Healthy Weight: Get Active

    The amount of physical exercise required to reach a healthy weight varies from person to person.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), most people require a mix of vigorous and moderate intensity aerobic exercise that averages between 3 and 4 hours per week. For guidelines on how much exercise you might… [Continue Reading]

    Healthy Weight: Get Active
  • Healthy Behaviors

    Today’s fast-paced lifestyle takes a toll on all of us. When looking back at how much less stress our grandparents may have experienced, you would probably agree that there is something about your lifestyle today that could be improved now. For instance, in a 24-hour-day how many minutes do you use to exercise? How many… [Continue Reading]

    Healthy Behaviors
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Achieve Change Grow

Achieve Change Grow

Are you ready to achieve your next goal? With Dr. Rodriguez, this is most commonly the initial question in a therapy session. Desire to achieve is the prerequisite. Next, we will work on your approach to realizing change: achieving and creating successful results. Successful growth depends on the goals that you choose and on how you plan to achieve your goals. Using Choice Therapy You will … [Read More...]

Online Therapy

Online Therapy

Dr. Rodriguez offers affordable online therapy appointments. Online therapy refers to psychological services offered over the Internet. Clients speak to the therapist from the comfort of their own home, office or other remote location. Online therapy facilitates getting help in a confidential and convenient manner. To book an online therapy session, send us message through our Contact … [Read More...]